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ART150: Art History: Cave Art to Medieval (Stanton, Fall 2019)

Biblical Studies & Christian Ministry

BCM101P: Old Testament History, Literature, and Theology (Phillips, Fall 2019)

BCM313: History of Israel (Phillips, Fall 2019)

BCM315: Educational Theories and Methods (Ketcham, Fall 2019)

BCM320: Expository Communication (Ketcham, Fall 2019)

BCM492: Senior Seminar: History of Judaism (Phillips, Fall 2019)


HLP200-301: Health Professions Seminars I-IV (Story, Fall 2019)

Economics & Business

ECB000 : Economics and Business Permanent Reserve (Palmer, Fall 2019)

ECB247: Financial Management (Tsang, Fall 2019)

ECB349: Leadership in and of organizations (Seibert, Fall 2019)

ECB492 : Senior Seminar: Management, Strategy and Ethics (Seibert, Fall 2019)


EDU000: Education Permanent Reserve (Ballock, Fall 2019)

EDU231: Children's Literature (Brink D'Onofrio, Fall 2019)

EDU238: Exceptional Child (Eichhorn, Fall 2019)

EDU270: Math Methods (Ballock, Fall 2019)

EDU345: Introduction to Teaching Reading (Nelson, Fall 2019)

EDU428: Language and Learning Disabilities (Eichhorn, Fall 2019)

EDU438/448: Classroom Management (Ballock, Fall 2019)

EDU582/682: Methods and Practice and Advanced Theory in Teaching Students with Moderate Disabilities (Eichhorn, Fall 2019)


COR107/108: The Great Conversation (West, Fall 2019)

ENG203: Narrative and Narrative Theory (Stutz, Fall 2019)

ENG331: Medieval Literature (Harkaway-Krieger, Fall 2019)

Global Honors Institute

GHI103: Christian Liberal Arts and Human Flourishing (Stutz, Fall 2019)


HIS000: History Permanent Reserve (Alter, Fall 2019)

HIS344: Medieval Islam and the Middle East (Hevelone-Harper, Fall 2019)

HIS491: Advanced Seminar: US History (Alter, Fall 2019)

Math & Computer Science

CPS311: Computer Organization (Bjork, Fall 2019)

CPS391/491: Junior & Senior Seminar (Tuck, Fall 2019)

MAT134: Survey of Calculus (Crisman, Fall 2019)

MAT491: Senior Seminar (Crisman, Fall 2019)


PSY000: Psychology Permanent Reserve (Cook, Fall 2019)

Sociology / Social Work

SOC103: Social Movements (Veatch, Fall 2019)

SOC310: Statistics for Social Research (Niehaus, Fall 2019)

SOC335: Globalization and Social Change (George, Fall 2019)

SOC/SWK221: Power, Prestige and Poverty (George, Fall 2019)

SWK201: Introduction to Social Work and Social Welfare (Coleman, Fall 2019)

SWK202: Human Behavior and the Social Environment (Brown, Fall 2019)

SWK301: Helping Theories and Practice with Individuals and Families (Coleman, Fall 2019)

SWK401: Community and Sustainability (Krass, Fall 2019)