North Shore Community College Reserves System

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LIT 202/204 NSD: British Literature I & II NSD (ALTOMARI, Summer 2017)


MAT NSD: Math Department NSD (AMRITKUMAR, Summer 2017)

MAT 091 and MAT 092 NSL: Elementary Algebra I and Elementary Algebra II NSL (AMRITKUMAR, Summer 2017)


HIS 131 NSD: World History I NSD (BURT, Summer 2017)


HUS 101 NSL: Human Services Worker NSL (Calichman, Summer 2017)


OFT 101 NSD: Keyboarding and Word Processing NSD (CRISCIONE, Summer 2017)


CHE 103 NSL: General Chemistry (Eisen-Cuadra, Permanent Reserves)


PSY 102 NSD: Introductory to Psychology NSD (ERBETTA, Summer 2017)

PSY 204 NSD: Human Growth & Development NSD (ERBETTA, Summer 2017)


SPN 101 & SPN 102 NSD: Elementary Spanish I & II NSD (FERNANDEZ, Summer 2017)


NSG 101: Nursing I (GOODALE, Summer 2017)


BIO 105 NSD: General Biology 1 (KIM, Permanent Reserves)


ANS 116 NSD: Fundamentals of Animal Health (KING, Permanent Reserves)

BIO 207 NSD: Anatomy & Physiology of Domestic Animals 1 (KING, Permanent Reserves)

VET 102 NSD: Veterinary Parasitology NSD (KING, Permanent Reserves)

VET 104 NSD: Anatomy & Physiologyof Domestic Animals 1 (KING, Permanent Reserves)

VET 106 NSD: Surgical Nursing and Anesthesia 1 (KING, Permanent Reserves)

VET 108 NSD: Basic Clinical Laboratory Procedures (KING, Permanent Reserves)

VET 202 NSD: Anatomy and Physiology of Domestic Animals 2 (KING, Permanent Reserves)

VET 203 NSD: Animal Disease 1 (KING, Permanent Reserves)

VET 212 NSD: Veterinary Office Management (KING, Permanent Reserves)

VET 216 NSD: Veterinary Pharmacology (KING, Permanent Reserves)

VET 220 NSD: Large Animal and Equine Science (KING, Permanent Reserves)

VET 222 NSD: Exotic Animal Medicine for the Veterinary Technician NSD (KING, Permanent Reserves)


PSY 102 NSL: Introductory Psychology NSL (Levis, Summer 2017)


CAS NSD: Center for Alternative Studies (CAS) NSD (MORSE, Summer 2017)


ACC 101 NSD: Basic Accounting I NSD (NELSON, Summer 2017)

ACC 108 NSD: Financial Accounting NSD (NELSON, Summer 2017)

ACC 201 NSD: Intermediate Accounting I NSD (NELSON, Summer 2017)

ACC 203 NSD: Managerial Accounting NSD (NELSON, Summer 2017)

ACC 208 NSD: Taxation NSD (NELSON, Summer 2017)

BUS 100 NSD: Introduction to Business NSD (NELSON, Summer 2017)

BUS 102 NSD: Business Law NSD (NELSON, Summer 2017)

MGT 102 OL NSD: Principles of Management NSD (NELSON, Summer 2017)


ANS 102 NSD: Canine and Feline Behavior NSD (SHAW, Permanent Reserves)

ANS 110 NSD: Canine and Feline Nutrition NSD (SHAW, Permanent Reserves)

ANS 112 NSD: Ethics and the Law for the Pet Care Professional NSD (SHAW, Permanent Reserves)


MAT 094 NSL: Intermediate Algebra NSL (TIMMONS, Summer 2017)


CPS 100 NSD: Information Technology and Its Applications NSD (WERMERS, Summer 2017)


NSG NSD: Nurse Education NSD (WILLIAMS, Summer 2017)