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ACE: Internationalization Leadership Team

ACE: Internationalization Leadership Team (Sendall, Summer 2014)


BUS 1100: Essentials of Business Analysis (Antonellis, Summer 2014)

LSAT: LSAT PREP (Chwaliszewski, Summer 2014)


CHM 1110C: General Chemistry I (Theberge, Summer 2014)


CME 506G: Community Organizing & Development (McCabe, Summer 2014)

ED 501G: Curriculum Instruction & Assessment in Social Studies & World Geography (Gurry, Summer 2014)

International Educators

INTL Faculty Resources for working with International Students: INTL Faculty Resources for working with International Students (Sarkodie-Mensah, Summer 2014)


Reference Reserve: Reference Reserve (Condon, Summer 2014)

Test Prep: Test Prep (Condon, Summer 2014)


MTH 1217/MTH 1218/MTH 2219: Calculus I/Calculus II/Calculus III (Benedict, Summer 2014)

Religious/Theological Studies

RTS 1100: Christianity in context (Kantor, Summer 2014)