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ACE: Internationalization Leadership Team

ACE: Internationalization Leadership Team (Sendall, Fall 2014)


HSC 1106: Human Biology (MacLaren, Fall 2014)


BUS 1100: Essentials of Business Analysis (Antonellis, Fall 2014)

BUS 2205: Principles of Marketing (Sannella, Fall 2014)


CHM 1110C: General Chemistry I (Theberge, Fall 2014)

CHM 1210: Chemistry for Health Professions I (Fernandez, Fall 2014)

CHM 2210: Organic Chemistry I (Franco, Fall 2014)

CHM 4320: Applied Inorganic Chemistry (Fernandez, Fall 2014)

Communications Arts

COM 3425: The Film Experience (Turner, Fall 2014)

Computer Science

CSC 1510: Intro to Information Technology (Michaud, Fall 2014)

CSC 5210: Computer Graphics (Stuetzle, Fall 2014)


CRM 1000: Intro to Criminology (McQueeney, Fall 2014)

CRM 1000G: Intro to Criminology (Nolan, Fall 2014)

CRM 3380: Race, Class & Crime (Aiello, Fall 2014)

CRM 4000: Research methods in Criminology (Girgenti, Fall 2014)


ECO 1201F/G: Intro to Economics (Sherman, Fall 2014)

ECO 1225A: Economics of Gender (Sherman, Fall 2014)


CME 530G: Social Policy for Children & families (McCabe, Fall 2014)

ED 501G: Curriculum Instruction & Assessment in Social Studies & World Geography (Gurry, Fall 2014)

ED 5200G: Reading Strategies and Intervention (Scherz, Fall 2014)

ED 610G: Research Methods (Falk, Fall 2014)

ED 610G-C: Research Methods in Higher Education (Marine, Fall 2014)

EDU 2210: Child & Adolescent Development (Hsu, Fall 2014)

EDU 3210: Psychology of Learning & Assessment (Meegan, Fall 2014)

EDU 3420: Instructional Methods: Teaching Middle/Secondary Levels (Walsh, Fall 2014)

EDU 4320: Teaching Social Studies (Gatling, Fall 2014)

EDU 4340: Children's Literature (Gatling, Fall 2014)


ENG 2050B: Intro to Lit Studies (Chandler, Fall 2014)

ENG 2770: Literature and Film (Vernon, Fall 2014)

ENG 3360: Undead and the Eighteenth Century (Scherwatzky, Fall 2014)

ENG 3880: Michael Jackson as Cultural Text (Plasse, Fall 2014)

First Year Writing

FYW 1050T/U: First Year Writing (Wagner, Fall 2014)


FYE: First Year Experience (Rossi, Fall 2014)

Health Sciences

HSC 2300: Nutrition, Diet and Health (Corcoran, Fall 2014)

HSC 3312: Introduction to Epidemiology (Yan, Fall 2014)

HSC 3520: Foodservice Management (Corcoran, Fall 2014)


HIS 3360: Medieval Civilization (Shockro, Fall 2014)

International Educators

INTL Faculty Resources for working with International Students: INTL Faculty Resources for working with International Students (Sarkodie-Mensah, Fall 2014)


Reference Reserve: Reference Reserve (Condon, Fall 2014)

Test Prep: Test Prep (Condon, Fall 2014)


MTH 1217/MTH 1218/MTH 2219: Calculus I/Calculus II/Calculus III (Benedict, Fall 2014)


PHL1000K/L : Introduction to Philosophy (Engelmann, Fall 2014)

PHL 1000R: Inroduction to Philosophy (Farland Sr., Fall 2014)

PHL 2060: Biomedical Ethics (Farland Sr., Fall 2014)

Political Science

POL 1500: Comparative Politics (Li, Fall 2014)


PSY 1000H: Introduction to Psychology (Stroud, Fall 2014)

Religious/Theological Studies

RTS 1100: Christianity in context (Kantor, Fall 2014)

RTS 1100C: Christianity in Context (Ridenour, Fall 2014)

RTS 1100N/O: Christianity in Context (Cormier, Fall 2014)

RTS 2800: Social Ethics (Ridenour, Fall 2014)

RTS 3030: Humans, Earth & the Sacred (Norris, Fall 2014)

Social Justice

SOJ 1000: Intro to Social Justice (Saenz De Viguera, Fall 2014)


SOC 3800: Sociology of Gender (Koegel, Fall 2014)

Visual & Performing Arts

FAA 1310: Nature of Music (Pruett, Fall 2014)

FAA 1510: Acting 1 (Piatt, Fall 2014)

FAA 1550: The Curtain Calls: An Introduction to Theatre for Everyone (Piatt, Fall 2014)

FAA 1610: Art & Culture I (Longsworth, Fall 2014)

FAA 3510: Directing I (Piatt, Fall 2014)

Script: Script (Sills, Fall 2014)

Women's & Gender Studies

WGS 1010: Women, Gender & Society (Salerno, Fall 2014)

WGS 2010: Introduction to Ethnic Studies (Salerno, Fall 2014)

WGS 2420: Gender, Sex & Film (Mackenzie, Fall 2014)

WGS 2900: Writing the Gendered Life (Michals, Fall 2014)

World Language and Cultures

SPA 3010: Composition and Culture (Saenz De Viguera, Fall 2014)

SPA 3630: Studies in Culture of Latin America (Saenz De Viguera, Fall 2014)

SPA 4060: Film & Lit of Continental Spain and Latin America (McGovern, Fall 2014)