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BIO 1106: Human Biology (MacLaren, Fall 2017)


BUS 1100: Essentials of Business Analysis (Antonellis, Fall 2017)

BUS 1100E/F: Intro to Business (Raduazo, Fall 2017)

BUS 2205: Principles of Marketing (Rich-Duval, Fall 2017)


CHM1110: General Chemistry 1 (Theberge, Fall 2017)

CHM 2320: Inorganic Chemistry (Fernandez, Fall 2017)

CHM 3570: Biophysical Chemistry (Chiarelli, Fall 2017)

Civil Engineering

GEN 6999: Intro to Aerospace (Tingle, Fall 2017)


ECO 1201F/G: Intro to Economics (Sherman, Fall 2017)

ECO 3304: Economics of Education (Sherman, Fall 2017)


CME 560: Community Engagement Fellowship (Falk, Fall 2017)

ED 640G: Diversity & Social Justice (Haigh, Fall 2017)

EDU 4340: Children's Literature (Gatling, Fall 2017)

GRAD 590C: Capstone Comm Engagement (Falk, Fall 2017)

GRAD 590D: Capstone Comm Engagement (Falk, Fall 2017)

HDE 2000W: Research Applied Stats (Kurkul, Fall 2017)


ENG 3320: Jane Austen and the 18th Century Novel (Scherwatzky, Fall 2017)


Convocation: Convocation Speaker (Vaillancourt, Fall 2017)

Health Sciences

HSC 2300: Nutrition, Diet and Health (Hazarvartian, Fall 2017)


HIS 1106: U.S. History I (Coakley, Fall 2017)

HIS 1107: U.S. History II (Bundy, Fall 2017)

HIS 3439: Slavery/Race early Modern Atlantic (Coakley, Fall 2017)


External DVD Player: External DVD Player (Condon, Fall 2017)

Test Prep: Test Prep (Wong, Fall 2017)


MKT 3303: Advertising and Promotion (Stasio, Fall 2017)


MTH 1217/MTH 1218/MTH 2219: Calculus I/Calculus II/Calculus III (Benedict, Fall 2017)

MTH 3400: Readings in Math (St. Goar, Fall 2017)


PHL 1000: Intro to Philosophy (Engelmann, Fall 2017)

PHL 1000R/T: Inroduction to Philosophy (Farland Sr., Fall 2017)

Political Science

POL 1500: Comparative Politics (Bilev, Fall 2017)

POL 2510: International Politics (Russell, Fall 2017)


PSY 3410A: Abnormal Psychology (Fitzpatrick, Fall 2017)

Religious/Theological Studies

RTS 1100: Christianity in context (Kay, Fall 2017)

RTS 1100F/G: Christianity in Context (Kao, Fall 2017)

RTS 1100H/I: Christianity in Context (Ridenour, Fall 2017)

RTS 2820: Bioethics & Healthcare (Ridenour, Fall 2017)

Social Justice

SOJ 1000: Intro to Social Justice (Saenz De Viguera, Fall 2017)


SOC 1000: Sociological Imagination (Herda, Fall 2017)

SOC 1600: Happiness (Koegel, Fall 2017)

Visual & Performing Arts

FAA 1510: Acting 1 (Longo, Fall 2017)

FAA 1610: Art & Culture I (Longsworth, Fall 2017)

FAA 2550: American Musical Theatre (Piatt, Fall 2017)

FAA 2840: Image Making & Meaning (Wynn, Fall 2017)

FAA 3850: History of Graphic Design (Wynn, Fall 2017)

FAA 3960W: Methodologies (Wynn, Fall 2017)

Women's & Gender Studies

Interdisciplinary Center Committee: Interdisciplinary Center Committee (Michals, Fall 2017)

WGS 1010: Women, Gender & Society (Salerno, Fall 2017)

WGS 3140: Studies in Masculinity (Salerno, Fall 2017)

WGS 3300: US Women's History (Michals, Fall 2017)

World Language and Cultures

SPA 3200: Intro to Advanced Studies (Saenz De Viguera, Fall 2017)